Read books or grow yourself?

Personal growth is the number one mindset for success in life.
Here’s how to intensify it.

Personal growth in short is becoming smarter, fearless, responsible, resilient, solution oriented, ... When you have those, your capacity to open up and give increases, you can love more and accept more love, from the world.

In short short – personal growth increases your fulfillment and happiness.

For most, the biggest source of personal growth is books and endless YouTube videos, but only a small fraction of ideas that we read and listen to survive contact with the world and life. I thought that reading more is better and assembled a whole library of good books.

But personal growth only happens in our mind. It’s the learning that happens when our mind gets in contact with the real world. It is the feedback that our mind is getting from what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong.

Is there a way to improve the capability of our mind to process feedback? Sure, it’s called meditation. But there are so many weird meditations out there that it’s hard to define what meditation is and what are the effects of it.

With a reason, mindfulness meditation is the most popular and researched form of meditation in the West. Mindfulness meditation helps you to build skills that work even when you are not meditating.

It helps you to be more focused on what is going on with you and around you and builds up your sensory clarity – ability to track your thoughts and emotions, in addition to seeing what is really going on with people around you. Mindfulness turbocharges your mind’s ability to process input, and that fuels your personal growth.

Want to be happy? Please, keep on reading those books, but also do meditate 😊.