About me


I. Hardcore engineer.

At the age of 18, when I went to university to study computers I also started working as a programmer. And I loved it. Learned several computer languages and spend a lot of time talking to... computers. Even took inflatable mattress to the company where I worked to talk to computers some more. We went along beautifully...

... but then I discovered people🙂. And fell in love with people and with concepts such as personal development and growth, leadership and talking... to people. Just had a problem that I was a bit shy. I read all the books about personal growth, self help and communication and wanted to become a mentor, a coach, someone who can help other reach their goals. Wanted to... but didn't know how to make it work. In the meanwhile I used my new knowledge to pursue a career and become an IT manager.

II. Then mindfulness dropped in my life.

I was good with computers, but it wasn't enough. There was a lot of pressure at work and we got a small child... I was heading for a burnout.  I randomly got in my hands a book titled "The Science of Enlightenment: How Meditation Works" and it helped me to survive. Not only survive, but slowly I started to notice other benefits. Like getting along better with my wife. Surviving screams and crying of our baby and sleepless nights became more manageable. Using certain techniques I dismantled most of my fears. Fears of other people, fears of failure, and fears of success...

III. Unified Mindfulness

Mindfulness is very broad field and in a lot of cases poorly defined and full of fluff - when parents and teachers don't know how to explain something and they say "you'll understand it, when you'll get older". No! I need something I can use, apply and run with it.  So when I found Unified Mindfulness, my heart sang. Mindfulness system designed by someone with mentality of a scientist, who went out, studied it all for 50+ years, kept what works and threw out the rest...

IV. Teacher on a mission

... so for three years I have been going through Unified Mindfulness programs on how to TEACH mindfulness. Mindfulness made my life so much more fulfilling, now I want to pay it forward and teach others the techniques and strategies to get more control over their lives and be happier.

I have a mission to reach out to people, especially two kinds of people. Smart people, who realize the benefits of investing some minutes into upgrading their mind. And second - young people, who have not yet been beaten by life. So that when going gets hard they will still thrive and succeed.

Hope to see you around soon,

Zarko Zunko